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What can be done on SiviCITY?

SiviCity is intended to be an interactive community based within a City, known as Sivi. Those who inhabit the city are called Sivillians.

SiviCity’s target is to become a simulator/role play of sorts, a system where Sivillians can set up businesses and attempt to become the best in their trade, whether it be selling furniture, designing rooms, having your own private security group, having a café or restaurant, and more.

Sivillians will be given a multitude of business opportunities to suit their individual needs. This will be SiviCity’s primary function, alongside the ability to chat with other sivillians, build private apartments, and indulge in mini-games and other interactive games within the City.

SiviCITY is still very much in an early testing stage, so we appreciate all the feedback we can get, and we appreciate you spending time in helping us further develop our game.

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